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Symfony development with XAMPP on Windows

This is how I set up my windows laptop for development with Apache/MySQL/PHP/Symfony (XAMPP with Symfony).

  1. Download XAMPP Installer package.
  2. Install XAMPP - this is really just a case of next -> next -> okay.
  3. Since I'm not only using my laptop for development I chose not to start any services except for XAMPP when windows starts.
  4. Start (from XAMPP Control Panel) Apache and MySQL (and whatever other services you need).
  5. Add PHP to your PATH.
    1. Right-click "This Computer", choose properties.
    2. Advanced tab -> Systam variables (not sure, my system is in Swedish 😉 )
    3. Add C:\xampp\php;C:\xampp\mysql\bin (if installed in default location) to the PATH variable.
  6. Upgrade Pear - pear upgrade pear
  7. Find Symfony - pear channel-discover pear.symfony-project.com
  8. Install Symfony - pear install symfony/symfony
  9. Done! Start playing around...
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  1. Thanks for the effort.

    I have a question though, where do I type the commands from step 6 onwards?
    for example: where do I put “pear upgrade pear”

    • It’s a long time ago I wrote about XAMPP and I don’t even use Windows for development anymore, but as far as I remember, since you’ve added php to your path, it might be enough with the command line (Start -> Run -> cmd.exe) and path shouldn’t matter.

  2. The post is not clear.

    I have tried, but i could not able to upgrade my pear.

    Please anyone provide clear steps to install “symfony” in xampp.

    • As I wrote over a year ago, I haven’t used Windows, and therefore XAMPP, as a development platform for a long time. Please find a XAMPP/symfony-guide from this decade. Google is your friend.

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