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About mld

mld is Mikael Löfstrands nickname, at least in some circles, in others it is fluff, or just plain Micke.

Micke took a Bachelor of Science in Computer Programming at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH in swedish), works as a system administrator at .SE in Stockholm, Sweden, runs his own business and plays a lot with computers and softwares.

A couple of the more interesting areas (as you might be able to see from the bookmarks in my blog) is qmail, virtual servers, linux security, anti-spam measures, debian/ubuntu and on and on the list goes...

Version: 3.1
GE/CS/CM/IT d-(--)@ s+:+ a>? C++(+++)$>++++ [email protected] [email protected] L+++(++++)[email protected] !E- 
[email protected] [email protected] o? K-? [email protected] O- M+(-)@ !V-- [email protected]? [email protected]? Y+(++)@ PGP(+) [email protected] 5 X R [email protected] 
b++(+++) DI++ D+ G(+) e++>+++ h---(-) r++ y+

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