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Linuxdistribution för äldre?

Som en del i projektet att få mina farföräldrar att använda en dator och (helst) Internet försöker jag hitta en linuxdistribution som är enkel att lära sig använda*. Alternativen jag tittar på just nu är EasyPeasy, som är en Ubuntuklon med ett GUI anspassat för netbooks, Linux Mint, även det en Ubuntuklon och här med ännu mer fokus på användarvänlighet än standard-Ubuntu, och till sist en vanlig Ubuntu med antingen Unity eller Gnome som fönsterhanterare.

Just nu lutar det mest åt EasyPeasy eftersom det har ett väldigt enkelt gränssnitt för att starta program (tänk IOS, men med kategoritänk istället för sidor med appar). Vi får se hur det slutar!

Ett tack till Digidel 2013 som fick mig att äntligen ta tag i det här...

* Att använda datorn är i det här fallet så "enkelt" som att använda en webbläsare för att kolla på nyheter på DNs hemsida, recept hos Arla och förhoppningsvis Gmail.


Dennis Ritchie, tack för allt!

Den 12:e oktober gick Dennis Ritchie bort efter en längre tids sjukdom. Han lever dock vidare genom C och UNIX på samma sätt som han gjort dom senaste 40 åren. Tack för allt!

Se även mitt inlägg på .SE-bloggen


Sonos ZonePlayer S5, BR100 and iPhone Controller

Way to go, Sonos!

Great sound, easy setup. The only problem so far was connecting the iPhone controller to the Sonos ZonePlayer S5. I thought it was possible to just connect the new controller to any node in the SonosNet, but apparently you need to connect with a ZonePlayer of some kind.

Now playing Drinking in LA by Bran Van 3000 from Spotify.

And lastly, a little thank you to Hi-Fi Klubben for great service!


Wii Magic Handshake

When you get no sound/picture while using a component cable (or HDMI using Neoya Wii2HDMI), try the magic handshake. With the Virtual Console games I've tried it's working great!

Connect a nunchuck to your wiimote and push simultaneously:



Neoya Wii2HDMI

A really nice Wii to HDMI converter. It doesn't improve the picture quality (no upscaling etc), but then again, my TV seems to do that well enough. It works with all (to my knowledge) known screen resolutions the Wii supports: 480i, 576i and 480p. A great way for exchanging all those cables for just a single one with both audio and video!
Neoya Wii2HDMI
Neoya Wii2HDMI
C-net review


6 Ways To Kill Your Servers – Learning How To Scale The Hard Way

Good article over at HighScalability.com about what happens when a coder, even an experienced one, has to scale out a web site under time pressure.

The most important lessons in my opinion are caching, tweaking configuration and stress testing.


How to be a better sysadmin

Matt Simmons over at Standalone Sysadmin wrote about xenophobia and elitism among sysadmins and I couldn't have written it better myself:

The way that I’ve found that seems to work best for me in understanding other people, and having them understand me, is to put myself in their place, and consider the situation from their perspective. Doing this requires humility, because it supposes that my way may not be the best or only way. This is difficult, because I have an ego and admitting I may not be right requires swallowing my pride. But I do it, because to work together for mutual improvement, it’s necessary to maintain an open mind.

Not everyone makes this effort, however. There is, and probably always will be, a minority of people who are xenophobic. That is, they are afraid of things and ideas that are different from theirs. As I was explaining to someone on twitter earlier, this xenophobia manifests itself in a complete antipathy toward methods and opinions which differ from their own. You’ve seen it. We’ve all seen it. You see it whenever someone decides an idea is wrong because it belongs to someone else, and if you challenge that stance, the person attacks you.

Can't honestly say that I'm always the understanding and considering sysadmin myself, but I try...

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Tiny update…

Allrighty, then... fluffigt.com is now moved to a new server and got a shiny new theme (Lightword Theme) when I was at it. Possibly I might update the site a bit more from now on, but no guarantees...


Man trodde ju dom skulle lära sig av varandra…

Nu har D-Link också gjort det... Vad kan man säga mer än att historien upprepar sig. För nästan precis fem år sen sålde Belkin en router som gjorde om slumpmässiga dns-uppslag (eller om den "bara" kapade vissa HTTP-sessioner) för att göra reklam för en ny funktion i deras router. Nu har tydligen D-Link fått för sig att göra samma sak. Man upphör aldrig att förvånas!


daemontools and ucspi-tcp on Hardy Heron

I was about to install daemontools and ucspi-tcp on Hardy Heron (Ubuntu 8.04) when I found that the packages build-daemontools et al was not in the archive anymore! Instead of digging about what happened I found out that Intrepid Ibex[1] has some packages.

So what I did was download the packages daemontools, daemontools-run and ucspi-tcp, and then install them. A bit of a problem with that too, but the following steps did the trick for me.

# touch /etc/inittab
# dpkg -i daemontools
# dpkg -i daemontools-run
# dpkg -i ucspi-tcp
# echo "start on runlevel-1
start on runlevel-2
start on runlevel-3
start on runlevel-4
start on runlevel-5
start on runlevel-6

stop on shutdown


exec /usr/bin/svscanboot" > /etc/event.d/svscan
# initctl start svscan

And that's it! Have fun folks!

[1] http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=daemontools&searc...