fluffigt.com *poof* said fluff….


Tiny update…

Allrighty, then... fluffigt.com is now moved to a new server and got a shiny new theme (Lightword Theme) when I was at it. Possibly I might update the site a bit more from now on, but no guarantees...


WordPress upgrade

After upgrading to the latest greatest version of WordPress I noticed I can't create links in new posts anymore.

That wasn't what I was about to write, but it became very apparent when I tried to link to the WordPress blog post about the new version. What I was about to write about was that all my plugins seems to work really well even though they were written before WP 2.5 was even thought about. And that I really like the new "admin interface" with dashboard and more.

Now if I could just get a couple of more hours per day so I could finish off some of my projects 😉

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I'm currently translating all my old pages to english, since I don't have many swedish readers anyways. Hope some of it will come to use someday, and if it does - please leave a comment 🙂

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English on the blog…

I'll try to be better at writing in english at the blog from now on. It's been quite a lot of swedish until now.

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HÄller pÄ att slÀnga upp bilder.fluffigt.com igen. Lika dÄligt uppdaterad som före kraschen, men nu finns snart bilderna igen iaf!

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Har lyckats fÄ ut en massa backupdata idag iaf. Inklusive min mail! Wee!

Nu ska jag bara fÄ ordning pÄ mailkontot som tar emot all fluffigts mail, lÀs ett par hundra mail per dygn. Behöver patcha min .procmail till nya servern.

NĂ„gra subdomĂ€ner Ă€r upplagda igen ocksĂ„. iodtf, joyster och nĂ„n till. Är det nĂ„n annan som fĂ„tt lĂ„na en subdomĂ€n av mig som inte fungerar lĂ€ngre, skrik till sĂ„ löser vid det 🙂

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MX-pekare mm

fluffigt.com blir ompekad till en annan server tills jag lagat burken. Mailen kommer dÀrmed börja gÄ fram inom ett par dagar, men kommer antagligen inte lÀsas förrÀn jag lyckats backupa all gammal mail ( 500MB+ ).

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fluff goes *poof*

LÀs ÄskovÄder+blixnedslag+strömavbrott == trasig fluffigt.com. SÄ just nu funkar inte sÄ mycket alls som det ska, inklusive min privata mail. Men det kommer!

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