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Symfony development with XAMPP on Windows

This is how I set up my windows laptop for development with Apache/MySQL/PHP/Symfony (XAMPP with Symfony).

  1. Download XAMPP Installer package.
  2. Install XAMPP - this is really just a case of next -> next -> okay.
  3. Since I'm not only using my laptop for development I chose not to start any services except for XAMPP when windows starts.
  4. Start (from XAMPP Control Panel) Apache and MySQL (and whatever other services you need).
  5. Add PHP to your PATH.
    1. Right-click "This Computer", choose properties.
    2. Advanced tab -> Systam variables (not sure, my system is in Swedish 😉 )
    3. Add C:\xampp\php;C:\xampp\mysql\bin (if installed in default location) to the PATH variable.
  6. Upgrade Pear - pear upgrade pear
  7. Find Symfony - pear channel-discover pear.symfony-project.com
  8. Install Symfony - pear install symfony/symfony
  9. Done! Start playing around...

Greylisting, (anti)spam, etc

I've been working way too much lately, but at least I've taken the time to install a new spam filter on my mail server. It was actually only a very small patch to the qmail source that was needed to get it to filter mail through policyd. Policyd is primarily made for Postfix, but seems to work great with qmail too. That puts an end to my own greylisting project, which only greylisted on source-IP/24. The "greysmtpd" app was working as it should but there were too many spammers in the world to make it effective enough.

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Puppet är ett system för att administrera några till _många_ maskiner från en central punkt. Ungefär som CFEngine, men bättre.

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Symfony Project

Symfony är ett PHP-framwork som verkar riktigt nice. Finns även en del bloggartiklar här och där som tipsar om bra sätt att göra saker på.

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mencoder mm


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qmail och dkim


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HP har hittat på ett sätt att hantera tusentals klienter som heter LinuxCOE.

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Min greylistingpatch till rblsmtpd (program under UCSPI-TCP) (under Projekt i menyn) körs aktivt på minst tre maskiner med goda resultat. Kapar genomsnittligt 90% av all spam i samband med första anslutningen.

Nästa steg är att koppla ihop det med p0f på något sätt.

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Gissar OS mha SYN/ACK/RST - Länk

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